ECH experts China tour
Date: 2019-11-15

In late October, ECH experts came to China at the invitation of Pananchina company to consult and train staff on new products.

In order to provide customers with better experience and strong backup support,  Pananchina company attaches great importance to staff training, professionalism, and after-sales support for customers who purchase testing equipment.

This time, ECH experts introduced two newly developed moisture testing instruments such as LPG trace water tester and oil trace water tester. Both of these have improved the drawbacks of the existing testers currently sold on the market. 

Oil trace watet tester in the design of closed loop, no need to air as carrier gas, which does not need testing blank value. This saves time for measuring blank values during periods of high humidity, which saves Karl Fischer reagents, and eliminates the effects of blank value deviations, making the test results more accurate.

LPG trace water tester adds a sulfur removal cartridge that reduces the impact of sulfur-containing substances on the measurement. In addition, LPG trace water tester optimizes the inlet for immediate application, eliminates the waiting time for injections, and controls the number of reactions by setting the injection volume.


ECH experts have in-depth communication with Chinese customers to discuss the uniqueness and advantages of the new instruments in application. Users have expressed that “ECH is very welcome to come to China and bring applicability to Chinese laboratories ".





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