Welcome FUELSTAT to China
Date: 2019-12-16

On November 22, 2019, Mr. Leif John Friestad, President of Conidia Bioscience, came to Shanghai for consultations and group discussions together with Panan company. Mr. Friestad brought their product, the FUELSTAT® Diesel & Jet Fuel Test Kits to China, assisting users to quickly and accurately detect the quantity and status of microorganisms.

Microorganism can seriously harm the condition of jet fuel and fuel oil. They feed on the carbon of oil and cause degradation. Moreover, microorganism can attach to the surface of pipelines and block the pipeline. The metabolites of microorganisms are corrosive, causing pipeline corrosion.

Microbial contaminated storage tanks can lead to storage tank corrosion and downstream fuel issues that jeopardize engines and power systems that rely on clean, on-spec fuels to operate safely and effectively, resulting in costly downtime and increased operating risk.

FUELSTAT® Diesel & Jet Fuel Test Kits from Conidia Bioscience company can help help transportation fleets (Marine, Land and Aviation) and standby power users to mitigate fuel quality issues and ensure safe and effective engine performance by a routine fuel maintenance program.

FUELSTAT® technology provides in-the-field, rapid screening of fuel samples (water in fuel or just fuel), giving a quick and accurate assessment of microbial contamination in real time and shows whether you have low or high levels of contamination in aviation and diesel fuels. Fuelstat ® was included in IATA's fourth edition of the Guidance Manual in 2012. Fuelstat ® also fully corresponds with ASTM D8070. Fuelstat ® is listed as a recognized product by the JIG (International Aviation Federation) and is included in the AMMS (aircraft maintenance manual), in which becomes the supply product of most aircraft OEMs.

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