Congratulations on the successful completion of training activities of PanAn 2020 annual meeting
Date: 2020-1-15

PanAn held a three-day training activity for the 2020 annual meeting on December 26. Before the start of the annual meeting, PanAn summarized the work situation of one year and plotted a course for 2020. At the same time, a system training was carried out for all sales personnel.

At the beginning of the meeting, Tom Tan, the deputy manager, reported on the company's sales situation for the year and set a target for 2020. Tom's goal is not a simple one-year work plan, but the first step in the three-year plan.In the future, PanAn will be down-to-earth to achieve annual sales goals and complete its own long-term plan.

After the overall report, the meeting carried out a series of sales training, combing from product characteristics to sales mode, so as to improve the business level of sales around the country while striving to provide better service experience to customers in the sales process.

At the meeting, we also put forward suggestions to enhance and improve efficiency for our work in 2019. In the new year, we are strengthening the after-sales module to strive for the most guaranteed after-sales service for end users.

At the end of the meeting, David. G Zhou, general manager of PanAn, presented awards to the long-term employees who have worked in PanAn for more than 20 years, thanked them for their contributions to PanAn over the years and their efforts for PanAn's development, and also commended the excellent employees in 2019.

After the meeting, PanAn held an annual party in Nanxun, the ancient town. At the annual party, we exchanged gifts with each other to express our gratitude for their help and encouragement in our work. On the second day of the annual party, all employees of PanAn visited Nanxun ancient town, built team friendship in ancient delights and found new vitality in the accumulation of its history.

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