A new breakthrough in online monitor
Date: 2020-3-11

During the beginning of 2020, 2019-nCoV has posed a significant challenge to industrial manufacturing, with workers unable to return to work and technical engineers unable to provide on-site support for the operation of equipment. In terms of equipment condition monitoring, the traditional method of taking samples from the equipment maintenance engineer and sending samples for test is also difficult to be implemented smoothly. Therefore, the online monitoring approach that we've been advocating has become a necessary solution.


Today I'd like to introduce a new product with a very effective cost performance ratio - OilCon Mon online oil health status sensor.


OilCon Mon, an internationally patented product by SOLGE, Korea, is an oil sensor that can simultaneously monitor four indexes, which engineers are concerned with temperature, moisture content, contamination and oil degradation. It uses the principle of light scattering and color change to get the decay index and analyze the trend of the oil in use.


The capabilities of OilCon Mon focuses on full real-time monitoring with a very powerful integrated sensor. A single sensor does all the monitoring without the need for additional module configurations to add redundancy to the field. Moreover, the OilCon Mon controller can display the monitoring indicators in real time, without the need to use computer to see the details, which greatly facilitates field deploy-ability and improved immediacy.


Applications of the OilCon Mon online oil health status sensor will greatly improve the industrial equipment with great success through proactive monitoring. Industrial equipment failures are detected early and oil trends are tracked, equipment will not longer shutdown suddenly thus achieving the goal of preventive maintenance to reduce plant emergency costs.


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