No carrier gas automatic Karl Fischer moisture analyzer is grandly listed
Date: 2021-1-18

For the users for who followed PanAn’s developments might have remembered that ECH has developed an new innovative approach to moisture testing, in which it does not use carrier gases and prefer the usage of a closed system. The AQUA40.00 headspace moisture analyzer brought to you today is also his flagship product.


The AQUA40.00 headspace airtight moisture analyzer has three advantages compared when compared to the moisture measurement system of the carrier gas system:

1. It saves the Karl Fischer reagent

2. Saves more air filtration consumables

3. Reduces a lot of testing time

These advantages are derived from ECH's exclusive closed-loop gas circulation system, which reduces the interference of outside air, thereby saving more Karl Fischer reagents, in which there is no need to worry about whether the air filter is clean or needs to be replaced. At the same time, it saves more testing time in humid environments and conditions.  

Due to these advantages, the AQUA40.00 headspace moisture analyzer has some small details that are worth pointing out:

1. The AQUA40.00 headspace airtight moisture analyzer can be equipped with an automatic sampling system, which replaces the sample racks and heating furnaces of different specifications, which can meet various specifications for injection bottles.

2. The temperature control program is added, in which the user can define it separately and apply the temperature difference to effectively distinguish different types of combined water.

In order to save testing time, effort, and the amount of reagents used, we highly recommend the AQUA40.00 headspace moisture determination titrator, equipped with automatic sampling system.



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