Name: AD systems Automated Reid Vapor Pressure apparatus analyzer
Model: AutoREID
Brand: ADsystems
Application: Fuel Oils
Category: REID Vapor Pressure
Standard: ASTM D323;ASTM D4953;ISO 3007;IP69;GB/T8017;GB/T257
Feature: Automatic

AD systems

Automated Reid Vapor Pressure apparatus Analyzer


  • ASTM D323,ASTM D4953,ISO 3007,IP69
  • Direct REID vapor pressure measurement
  • Highest level of test automation
  • Two independent measurements positions
  • Perfectly suited for testing viscous and difficult products
  • Full traceability,complete result documenting
  • Small foot print,fast warm up,precise measurements
  • Modern user-friendly interface
  • Pressure range:Up to 250kPa
  • Resolution:0.1kPa
  • test time:Less than15 minutes typical
  • Interface:8'full-color touch screen
  • Language:English,French,Russian
  • Results storage:Database,USB stick,LAN
  • Communication:2 X USB2.0,Ethernet port
  • Printing:Graphic printer(optional)
  • Weight:30kg(without water)
  • Operation temperature and humidity range:+15° to +30℃.humidity:10 to 65% RHL, no condensation
  • Storage temperature and humidity range:-20° to +50℃. humidity:5 to 95% RHL, no condensation
  • Power supply:230V 50/60 Hz 1phase
  • Power consumption:Maximum(heat up):2000W. Maintaining 37.8℃:150W

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