Name: atten2 OilHealth ® online optical sensor
Model: OilHealth
Brand: atten2
Application: Lubericating Oils
Category: Others


OilHealth online optical sensors

oline optical sensors


Companies that consume large quantities of oil incur considerable direct expenses in purchasing it, recycling it, and in operations to change it, coupled with the corresponding downtime of the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to extend the life of the oil as far as possible. What is more, according to the Joss Institute, 80 % of the breakdowns of rotary machines are linked to lubrication problems, so it is essential to extend oil life to a maximum, but without putting the machine at risk.


The measurement provided by OilHealth® is:

  • In Real Time: insignificant latency time from the moment the measurement is made until the sensor provides a result.
  • Online: it measures the condition of the oil the machine is currently operating with, rather than a sample.
  • Validated: completely proven results for all the oils calibrated.
  • Always accurate: the sensor provides accurate information throughout the oil degradation process.
  • Precise: it detects minimal changes in the degree of degradation of the oil.
  • Safe: the sensor has been field-proven, tested in the lab and in a climatic chamber.

The design of the sensor is modular so that the measuring module, which is where the degree of degradation is obtained, can be easily integrated in a Condition Monitoring system of the oil. In this case, it is the user who must ensure that the oil reaches the measuring module in the specified condition.



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