Name: AD systems TO10 –Thermal Oxidation Stability Test Rig
Model: TO10
Brand: ADsystems
Application: Aviation Fuel
Category: Thermal Oxidation Stability
Standard: ASTM D3241

AD systems

Thermal Oxidation Stability Test Rig



* Dual 5 mL syringe fuel pumping system, perfect fuel flow control, no pulse

* Automatic fuel aeration control

* Didactic and intuitive man-machine interface

* Independent bus bar temperature control, no cooling liquid

* DR10 – ITR connectivity for automatic result storage


Test method:ASTM D3241, IP 323, ISO 6249,Up to 21 programmable test methods

Test Temperature: Programmable from 100°C up to 380°C

Differential Pressure:0 – 750 mmHg (automatically bypassed at +700 mmHg)

Test time Range:Programmable from 4 to 600 minutes

Fuel Aeration: Programmable time, automatic air flow control

Aeration Flow rate:Programmable or according to test method, 1.5 L / min

Air Flow Humidity:Humidity sensor with displayed message for dessicant replacement

Heater tube temperature measurement: Thermocouple Type K, class 1

Fuel Flow:Dual 5 mL syringe, maintenance free, programmable fuel flow rate or according to test method

Accuracy: ±1% No flow pulse or peak

Bus Bar Temperature Control:Independent and programmable, each bus bar temperature can be adjusted,No liquid cooling circulation,Peltier modules + heat pipe technology

Heater tube section assembling: Special gauge to quickly and perfectly position the heater tube

Fuel vapor handling: Dedicated compartment with sliding doors acting like fume hood encompassing beakers and heater tube section, connectable to a fume extractor

Diagnostic and Service:Dedicated service menu with a flow chart layout with ability to click on each symbolic element to check its operation

DR10 – ITR connectivity:Via Ethernet port RJ45,Full test results can be automatically transferred from the DR10 to the TO10

Results storage:Result database,Limited only to capacity of external device

LAN connectivity:Ethernet port RJ45

Printer output: USB (printer is optional)

Data output :USB (2), Ethernet

Dimensions (mm) :440 x 600 x 670(17”x 23”x 26”)

Weight :60 kg (133lbs.)

Electrical :100 to 240V - 8 A - 50/60 Hz

Operating temperature :From +10 to +35°C



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