Name: adem Automatic Water Separability Tester
Model: adem
Brand: Green Lab
Application: Lubericating Oils
Category: Demulsification
Standard: ASTM D1401; GB/T 7305
Feature: Automatic


adem Automatic Water Separability Tester

  • The measurements are in full compliance with ISO 6614 and ASTM D1401 methods.
  • Fully automated measurement evaluation by   the Windows-based control software.
  • Measurement data, results and images /photos are automatically stored on the PC.
  • Historical measurement data, results and   photos can be retrieved and printed.
  • ADEM incorporates a state of the art image processing and evaluating algorithm.
  • CCD camera for automated   oil-water-emulsion layer detection,   5 MPixel.
  • Long life LED sample illumination.
  • 6 test positions.
  • Requires low maintenance.
  • Bath temperature: Room Temperature - 95 °C.
  • Stirrer speed: No stirring; 500 - 1800 rpm.
  • Measurement duration: 0 - 48 hours.


ADEM is for…

Quality Control and R&D laboratories need to perform demulsibility tests of…

 lubricants and turbine oils,

 compressor oils and engine oils,

 as well as synthetic fluids used in   hydraulic and mechanic systems.

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