Name: OFU Compact Oil Purifier
Brand: SOLGE
Application: Oil Filtration Unit
Category: Oil Purification System


SOLGE OFU Compact Oil Purifier

LUBDRACO OFU Series is the most reliable and efficient solution to extend oil life and protect equipment from external contaminants and oil degradation, which are root cause for failure of the equipment. LUBDRACO OFU Series offers various filter carts to remove not only particle and water but also acid, sludge and varnish, of which filters user can use in turn with common filter housings depending on application.

Functions & Features

  • Ergonomic design provides safety for transp rtation and working on site
  • Auto stop when filter is clogged by differential pressure switch
  • Fitted with high performance and high efficie cy filter element with Beta ratio 1,000
  • Various particle filters available for 0.9, 1, 3, 6, 12, 25 ㎛
  •  Water adsorption filters available for 3, 6, 12, 25㎛
  • Ion-exchange type composite resin filters available for sluge, varnish and acid removal
  • Control panel mounted
  • Can apply for all lubrication and hydraulic systems






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