Name: Ex-Dri High Performance Water Removal Purifier
Brand: SOLGE
Application: Oil Filtration Unit
Category: Oil Purification System


SOLGE  Ex-Dri High Performance Water Removal Purifier

Moisture is the next cause of particle adversely affecting oil. The introduction of moisture shortens the life of the bearing, accelerates the corrosion and causes corrosion of the metal surface, which eventually leads to equipment failure. This water is present in oil in three forms (free, emulsified, dissolving) and all the water must be removed, but its removability and efficiency depend on viscosity and oil type of oil. Ex-Dri is an innovative product that can be applied to all kinds of oils (including high viscosity) and removes all three types of moisture

Main Function

  • Can remove three types waters
  • Free / Emulsified / Soluble Water
  • Applicable to high viscous oil (460 cSt)
  • Can remove solid particles

Specification (Standard Model)

  •  Flow rate    35 LPM
  •  Power    460V three phase, can be selected
  •  Filter    Pre-filter (6㎛),  Disk Module, GooD-N, Post-filter(3㎛)   
  •  Size    1,000(W) * 1,715(L) * 1,660(H)
  •  Weight    Approx.650kg


  • Water can be removed without loss of additives
  • Digital DisplayTemperature, Humidity, Pressure, Differential Pressure
  • Curved shape appearance for safety

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