Name: Thermoprobe TL1-A intrinsically safe thermometer
Model: TL1-A
Brand: Thermoprobe
Application: General Testing
Category: Thermometer




  • Auto-off after 20 minutes to save battery life
  • Minimum reading
  • Maximum reading
  • Averaging
  • Easy °F to °C switching
  • Display arrows indicate increasing or decreasing temperature activity
  • Display:

    LCD with 0.25 inch characters
    Trend Indicating Arrows
    Low Battery & Fault indication

    User Functions:

    Auto Off after 20 minutes or continuous operation
    Lowest Reading, Highest Reading, Average Reading
    Switchable in Units of °F or °C
    Display tenths or hundredths resolution


    Stainless Steel temperature sensor; Standard Sensor length 8" (20cm)
    Standard diameter 1/4" (6.35mm) with reduced diameter tip of 3/16" (4.76mm)
    Sensor mount acetyl plastic
    Electronics and display in 3.5" x 1.2" anodized Aluminum enclosure
    Molded Silicone seal.
    Highly durable display window, graphics and membrane switches.


    3 ounces, 93 grams


    Resolution 0.01 Degrees
    Calibrated Accuracy:
    ±0.1°F from 14 to 320°F
    ±0.06°C from -10 to 160°C
    NIST Traceable Report of Test

    Temperature Time Constant:

    8 seconds in circulated water bath
    (63.2% response to temperature change)


    Microcontroller and precision 20 bit A/D Converter
    FLASH memory
    Recommended Temperature Range For best Accuracy 32 to 112°F, 0 to 44°C
    100 Ohm, Class A Platinum RTD
    Immersion depth 4", 11cm


    100 Ohm, Class A 1/3 DIN RTD
    Immersion depth 4", 11cm


    20mm Coin Size 3V Lithium, Duracell Type CR2032
    Over 100 hours Service Life at 70°F, 21°C
    Battery Operating Range -4 to 130°F, -20 to 54°C
    Note: Battery may not provide adequate power if ambient temperature is below -4°F, -20°C or above 130°F, 54°C



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