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» 1F-1A-HP In-line Conductivity Sensor High Pressure
Standard: ASTM D2624
Feature: High Pressure
» AD systems TO10 –Thermal Oxidation Stability Test Rig
Standard: ASTM D3241
» AD systems DR10 Deposit Rater Thermal Oxidation Stability of Turbines Fuels(JFTOT)
Standard: ASTM D3241;IP323;ISO6249;GB/T9169
Feature: Quick,Easy
» AD systems SP10 Automated Smoke Point
Standard: ASTM D1322;ASTM D1655;FTM 791-2107;JIS K2537;IP 57;DEF STAN91/91;ISO 3014
Feature: Automatic
» AD systems SP20 Automated Smoke Point
Feature: ASTM D1322
» AI-1 Additive Injection System
Standard: ASTM D2624
Feature: Real Time Control
» JF-1A In-Line Conductivity Sensor
Standard: ASTM D2624
Feature: Real Time Measurement & Control
» JF-1A-HH(CM) Hand Held Conductivity Meter
Standard: ASTM D2624
Feature: ASTM D2624 Listed
» JF-WA1 Free Water Measurement in Aviation Fuel (0-50PPM)
Standard: ASTM D3240
Feature: ASTM D3240 Listed
» MicroConD Sensor
» Novel New Water Separation Instrument
Standard: ASTM D8073-16
Feature: Novel
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